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Integrating TinyForm with Zapier

Create dynamic workflows by connecting your TinyForm to Zapier. Follow these steps to set up a webhook and start automating your tasks efficiently.

1. Build Your Form:

Start by crafting your form with the TinyForm Builder. Simply drag and drop the necessary fields to capture the data you need.

2. Establish a Webhook in Zapier:

  • Navigate to Zapier and create a new Zap.
  • Select 'Webhooks' and then choose 'Catch Hook'. Click 'Continue'.
  • You’ll be provided with a Zapier Custom Webhook URL. Make sure to copy this URL for later use.

3. Configure Zapier in TinyForm:

  • Access the Zapier Add-On within TinyForm.
  • Choose the fields that will collect the necessary data for sending form responses. This can include details like the form name, Zapier URL, and other relevant fields.

4. Set Up Your Form:

  • Click the 'Set Up a Form' button.
  • Fill in the details:
  • Name: Give this setup a unique administrative name for identification.
  • Form: Select the form you've created.
  • Event: Typically, set this to trigger when a "Form is submitted".
  • Status: Toggle to 'ON'.
  • Zapier URL: Paste the Custom Webhook URL you copied from Zapier.
  • Conditions: Set up any conditional logic required for sending data to Zapier, depending on form responses.

5. Map Your Fields:

  • In the 'Field Mapping' section:
  • Name (key): Define the parameter name to be recognized by Zapier.
  • Field (value): Choose the form field that contains the data to be sent to Zapier.
  • Save your form setup.

6. Test Your Integration:

  • Visit the Form Page and submit a test entry.
  • Head back to Zapier and click 'Continue', followed by 'Test Trigger'. You should see the form data you submitted, confirming the integration is successful.

7. Finalize Your Workflow:

  • Once testing is successful, proceed to add actions to your Zap in Zapier. You can set up tasks like file uploads, Slack notifications, and much more to create a comprehensive automated workflow.

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