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Effortlessly boost your email marketing campaigns by integrating TinyForm with MailChimp, automating subscriber list growth and ensuring precise targeting with every form submission.

Integrating TinyForm with MailChimp for Enhanced Email Marketing

Connect your TinyForm with MailChimp to streamline your email marketing efforts. This integration facilitates the automatic addition of subscribers to your MailChimp lists, ensuring that every form submission contributes to your marketing strategy.

Features of TinyForm MailChimp Integration:

  • Custom Fields: Capture detailed information by populating MailChimp custom fields from TinyForm field data.
  • Interest Grouping: Assign subscribers to specific interest groups, organizing your audience effectively.
  • Geolocation: Utilize the subscriber's IP address to estimate their location, enhancing targeted marketing efforts.
  • Opt-In Control: Manage subscriber addition with opt-in conditions, ensuring genuine interest and compliance.
  • Subscriber Status & Double Opt-In: Manage subscriber status directly within your configuration, choosing between immediate addition, pending for confirmation, or archiving unused addresses.

Creating a Sign-Up Form with MailChimp Integration:

  1. Construct your form using the TinyForm Builder by dragging and dropping the required fields.
  2. In the MailChimp Add-On interface within TinyForm, choose the fields that will capture the necessary information (e.g., email, name, custom fields).
  3. Set Up the Form:
  4. Click 'Create a Sign Up Form'.
  5. Enter your MailChimp API Key and click 'Connect to MailChimp'.
  6. Map TinyForm fields to MailChimp list fields.
  7. Select your Form: Choose the TinyForm you wish to integrate.
  8. Select your List: Choose the MailChimp list to add subscribers.
  9. Status: Toggle to 'ON'.
  10. Subscriber's IP Address: Toggle to 'ON' to collect geolocation data.
  11. Opt-In Condition: Set an opt-in condition if required (e.g., a checkbox with the label "Sign-up to our newsletter").
  12. Map Fields: In this section:
  13. Select the 'Subscriber Email Field' (required).
  14. Select the 'Subscriber Status' (required).
  15. Select the 'Subscriber Interest Field'.
  16. Map TinyForm fields to MailChimp Custom Fields as needed.
  17. After accurately configuring all settings, click 'Save'.

By following these steps, your TinyForm is fully integrated with MailChimp, automating the growth of your subscriber lists and ensuring that each form submission directly supports your email marketing campaigns.

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