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Elevate your TinyForm with Stripe integration, offering a seamless and secure payment solution, simplifying transactions, and enhancing the user experience.

Integrating Stripe with TinyForm for Seamless Payment Processing

Transform your TinyForm into a powerful payment collection tool by integrating with Stripe. This guide will walk you through creating a payment form, obtaining API keys from Stripe, and setting up your payment forms.

Creating a Payment Form in TinyForm:

  1. Use the Form Builder in TinyForm to add the fields required for your form.
  2. Integrate the Stripe payment option by adding an HTML Snippet Field to your form. Use the following code for a basic integration:
  3. htmlCopy code
  4. {{STRIPE}}
  5. Or, to maintain design consistency, wrap it with a div tag:
  6. htmlCopy code
  7. <div class="form-group">
  8. Utilize the Stripe Add-On UI in TinyForm to select fields that will capture necessary payment information such as price and quantity.

Obtaining API Keys from Stripe:

  1. Log into your Stripe account.
  2. Navigate to the “API” section and copy your API Keys for later use.

Setting Up Payment Forms with Stripe in TinyForm:

  1. Access the Add-Ons Manager in TinyForm and select 'Stripe'.
  2. Click on 'Setup a Payment Form'.
  3. Configure the payment process in the form that appears:
  4. Form: Choose the form you're integrating with Stripe.
  5. Status: Toggle to enable or disable the Stripe configuration.
  6. Secret Key & Publishable Key: Enter the required API credentials from Stripe.
  7. Items: Define each product or service with a description, price field, and quantity field. The sub-total is calculated by multiplying the quantity by the price.
  8. Credit Card Field Settings: Customize the appearance and information of the credit card field. Options include:
  9. Label, Description, Statement Descriptor: Provide clear identifiers and descriptions for the credit card field.
  10. Currency: Set the transaction currency, recommended to be "United States Dollar".
  11. Hide Options: Choose to hide the postal code, icon, or custom styles if needed.
  12. Style: Customize the field's appearance using CSS properties in JSON format.
  13. Additional Fields: Optionally include additional fields like receipt email, cardholder name, address details, etc., for verifications and record-keeping.
  14. After accurately filling in all required fields, click 'Create'.

With these steps, your TinyForm is now equipped to handle secure, efficient payment processing via Stripe, offering a seamless transaction experience for your customers.

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