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Streamline your lead capture process and enhance customer relationship management by seamlessly integrating TinyForm with HubSpot, ensuring every form submission enriches your CRM data instantly.

Integrating TinyForm with HubSpot for Enhanced Lead Capture and CRM Integration

Streamline your lead capture and customer relationship management by connecting TinyForm with HubSpot CRM. This integration facilitates the direct transfer of form data to your CRM, aiding in nurturing new leads and maintaining robust relationships with your prospects.

Features of TinyForm HubSpot Integration:

  • Smooth Automation: Directly send submitted data from your forms into your HubSpot CRM account.
  • Build Better Relationships: Customize forms to capture detailed user information and pass it to HubSpot, including unique or computed data.
  • Map HubSpot Fields: Seamlessly map fields from TinyForm to your HubSpot forms, enriching your customer insights.
  • Opt-In Conditional Logic: Utilize conditional logic to manage data entry based on specific conditions or user consent.

Creating a Sign-Up Form with HubSpot Integration:

  1. Utilize the Form Builder in TinyForm to create your form by simply dragging and dropping the necessary fields.
  2. In the HubSpot Forms Add-On interface within TinyForm, select the fields that will capture the required information to send to HubSpot (e.g., email, name).
  3. Set Up the Form:
  4. Click the 'Set Up a Form' button.
  5. Name: Assign a name to this configuration for easy identification within the system.
  6. Choose your Form: Select the TinyForm you wish to integrate.
  7. HubSpot Endpoint: Enter your HubSpot Endpoint.
  8. Status: Toggle to 'ON'.
  9. Event: Set this to capture data in real-time, typically when a form is submitted.
  10. Context: Include contextual information for the submission, if necessary.
  11. Field Mapping: Align TinyForm fields with the corresponding HubSpot form field names.
  12. Consent: If applicable, include GDPR notice details in the form submission data.
  13. Tracking Code: If required, enable the HubSpot tracking cookie token value for lead activity tracking.
  14. After configuring the settings, click 'Save'.

With these steps, your TinyForm will be seamlessly integrated with HubSpot. Each submission will automatically populate your CRM, ensuring your lead data is current, allowing for more personalized follow-up and relationship building.

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