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Streamline your data management with TinyForm's Google Sheets integration, effortlessly syncing form submissions for real-time, organized, and automated data updates

TinyForm and Google Sheets Integration

The Google Sheets add-on for TinyForm allows seamless connection and automatic data synchronization between TinyForm and multiple Google accounts. This integration ensures real-time data updates in Google Sheets, either in existing sheets or tabs, enhancing data management and automation.

Features of TinyForm Google Sheets Integration:

  • Smooth Automation: Automatically send form data to your Google Sheets account upon form submission.
  • Map Fields to Columns: Flexibly map TinyForm fields to any Google Sheets columns, regardless of their order.
  • Granular Configuration: Specify the exact spreadsheet and worksheet (tab) where data should be saved.
  • Avoid Duplicates: Ensure data uniqueness by setting up checks for unique fields, like email addresses.
  • Selective Data Storage: Choose specific columns in your sheet to store the data you need.
  • Conditional Logic: Implement conditional logic to control data entry based on specific conditions or opt-ins.

Setting Up Google API Console Project and OAuth Client:

  1. Visit the Google Developer Console and create a new project.
  2. Go to the 'Library' side menu, search for 'Google Sheets API', open it, and click 'Enable'.
  3. Similarly, search for 'Google Drive API', open it, and click 'Enable'.
  4. Navigate to the 'OAuth consent screen', input your application name, add '' in 'Authorized domains', then click 'Save'.
  5. In 'Credentials', click 'Create Credentials', select 'OAuth Client ID', choose 'Web application' as the application type, and click 'Create'.
  6. Enter a name, save '' in 'Authorized redirect URIs', and click 'Create'.
  7. Copy the 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret' from the newly created application.
  8. If you encounter an 'App is not verified' error, click 'show advanced' and proceed to the app.
  9. Navigate to TinyForm > Add-Ons > Google Sheets > Global Settings.
  10. Paste the 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret' and click 'Save'.
  • Note: Replace '' with your actual domain name.

Setting Up a Form with Google Sheets:

  1. Go to the Add-ons Manager in TinyForm and select 'Google Sheets'.
  2. Click 'Set Up a Form' and then 'Authenticate'. You'll be redirected to Google's consent page.
  3. Log in with your Google email and password, then grant access by clicking 'Allow Access'. You'll return to the 'Create Sign Up Form' page.
  4. Configure the import form:
  5. Name: Give this integration a unique name for identification.
  6. Form: Choose the TinyForm to integrate.
  7. Spreadsheet: Select the desired Google Spreadsheet.
  8. Sheet: Select the specific Google Sheet.
  9. Event: Determine the event that triggers data storage in Google Sheets (e.g., 'Form is submitted').
  10. Status: Enable or disable this configuration without losing information.
  11. Conditions: Apply filters to manage entries based on their values.
  12. Map Fields: Pair TinyForm fields with Google Sheet columns.
  13. Form Field: Select the field from TinyForm.
  14. Sheet Column: Choose the corresponding column in Google Sheets.
  15. Click 'Save'.

Once set up, submissions from the selected TinyForm will automatically populate the designated Google Sheet with the specified data, ensuring a smooth and automated data flow.

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