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Seamlessly integrate TinyForm with Salesforce, automating your CRM data management and ensuring efficient, real-time synchronization of form submissions with your customer records.

Integrating TinyForm with Salesforce for Enhanced CRM Integration

Streamline your lead capture and customer relationship management by connecting TinyForm with Salesforce CRM. This integration allows for the direct transfer of form data to your CRM, aiding in nurturing new leads and maintaining robust relationships with your prospects.

Features of TinyForm Salesforce Integration:

  • Efficient Data Transfer: Automatically send submitted form data directly into your Salesforce CRM account.
  • Build Better Relationships: Support multiple Salesforce objects such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases.
  • Field Mapping: Seamlessly map fields from TinyForm to your Salesforce fields, enriching your customer data.
  • Opt-In Control: Utilize conditional logic to manage data entry based on specific conditions or user consent.

Creating a Sign-Up Form with Salesforce Integration:

  1. Use the TinyForm Builder to add the required fields to your form.
  2. In the Salesforce Add-On interface within TinyForm, select the fields that will capture the necessary information (e.g., email, name).
  3. Set Up the Form:
  4. Click 'Set Up a Form'.
  5. Enter your Salesforce username, password, and user security token. Ensure REST API is enabled in your Salesforce Organization.
  6. Map TinyForm fields to Salesforce object fields.
  7. Name: Give this configuration a unique name for identification.
  8. Select your Form: Choose the TinyForm you wish to integrate.
  9. Select your List (Salesforce Object): Choose the Salesforce object (e.g., Account, Contact, Lead).
  10. Status: Toggle to 'ON'.
  11. Opt-In Condition: Set an opt-in condition if required.
  12. Map Fields: Align TinyForm fields with the corresponding Salesforce object fields. Ensure all 'Required' fields are mapped.
  13. Advanced Settings: Configure CRM record updates, define actions (create/update), set search priorities, and define search parameters.
  14. Qualify Lead: Optionally, set lead qualification options and related object creation settings.
  15. After accurately configuring all settings, click 'Save'.

With these steps, your TinyForm is fully integrated with Salesforce, automating your CRM data management and ensuring that every form submission is a potential new connection in your customer relationship management strategy.

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